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Many security infractions that occur at home, business, government facilities or any other place, happens when no one is watching. Security Cameras and Video Surveillance services from Ladtec Electrics assure monitoring around the clock and from all angles to keep an eye on all places you value, even when you are away.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance systems, known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), consist of a camera, digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR), and monitor. Ladtec Electrics offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

CCTV systems are a popular form of surveillance that uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific destination on a limited set of monitors in a closed network. Banks, airports, industrial plants, military installations, and retail stores commonly use cameras and video Surveillance system, which can operate continuously or can be activated to monitor particular events. CCTV is a popular tool not only for security, but also for remotely monitoring the operations of a business or organisation or for liability and insurance issues.

When choosing security cameras and video surveillance system for security or business needs, the key questions are what kind of camera to use, where to store the images and how to monitor and access them. A consultation with an expert from Ladtec Electrics can determine the answers to these questions, which depend on many factors including purpose, location and local conditions.

Many types of cameras, DVRs/NVRs and monitors are available for different security needs. Whatever the problem, Ladtec Electrics offers the solutions.


Security Alarm Systems

Ladtec can provide full design and Installations of all types of security systems access control systems. We are fully licenced to provide the assurance and confidence to our customers that each installation will suit the needs as requested.

All of the systems we use can be integrated to be accessed remotely via smart devices to ensure you are always fully informed of how your system is performing. Notifications sent to your smart device for security events can also be set up if required as another invaluable option to monitor your security system.

We also can provide alarm monitoring with a 24/7 fully staffed control room to add an extra layer of security to your security system and in some cases help to reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

For further information on alarm monitoring please contact us to discuss further.




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